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Corporate Office: 333 Marine Ave, Ste 8 Balboa Island, CA 92662

Building site:
1742 N Case St, Orange, CA 92865
5302 Hwy 71, Del Valle, Texas 78617
Del Rio, TX

Phone: 844-818-2274

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Affordable Housing Advisor for My Express Tiny Home

Job Type: Advisor/Consultant

Compensation: Based of successful project execution and experience

Full Job Description

Assist in developing local business plans for affordable housing, mobile home parks and low-income housing communities.  My Express Tiny Home and its partners build, sell, or lease out tiny homes in Southern California.

Ideal candidate would have long-term relationships and connects to several city, counties, mayors, city council members housing agencies.  Experience of 10-20 years in land entitlement and development, public agencies, and housing related resources.  Our focus is on non-traditional affordable housing developments and delivering units on the ground with the lease friction as possible.  Project ready with utilities that we could roll tiny homes on or permanently housing preferred.   Visit

This position will help develop micro business plans, review, analyze, conducts feasibility analyses, and develop recommendations and policies for a wide variety of affordable housing developments.  Project ready developments with the shortest lead time preferred.

Affordable Housing by County or City

Due to the localized zoning laws an advisor/consultant is needed to better understand the city and county housing and development laws. Find the low hanging fruit to deliver affordable housing using government grants.

The goal is to obtain grants and funding from city, county, and government resources to develop affordable housing communities in rural areas.  This could be in agricultural, industrial, or rezoning sites.  The homes built by My Express Tiny Homes or its partners could be purchased once suitable land with utilities are found.

Ideally, we would like to create viable affordable housing opportunities in several areas in Southern California, Nevada and eventually in other states. Evaluate project-based voucher rental subsidies programs that My Express Tiny Homes could benefit from.

Target Agencies among Others

  • County’s Affordable Rental Housing
  • Supportive Housing Notice of Funding Available (NOFA)
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Development of Supportive Housing Departments
  • Veteran Housing
  • Local Housing Authorities
  • Non-Profit Organizations with affordable house mandates

Desirable Qualifications and Core Competencies
Knowledge in Federal, State, and Local funds and grands related to the development of affordable, urban planning and supportive housing programs are key to success in this role.  Experience in the field of (a) affordable or supportive housing and/or (b) community development, or policy and affordable housing/community development finance.  

Technical | Project Management

  • Understands federal, state and/or conventional financing and rental subsidy programs applicable to relocation, rehabilitation, redevelopment and/or new construction of affordable housing and/or supportive housing
  • Implements methods, techniques and procedures involved in preparing, negotiating and processing funding applications for affordable housing development
  • Assists in projects, including underwriting, feasibility analysis, and negotiation of loan terms and conditions
  • Prepares and analyzes financial pro forma’s with varying degrees of complexity

Applications and Summary of Skills
Please submit your resume via Indeed or email them to [email protected], visit for more information.

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